Smell is the most evocative of the senses, with an unequaled power to arouse feeling, stir emotion, and reignite memory. While one scent might trigger thoughts of triumph and success, another may transport you to a treasured night long ago. Certain scents even possess the ability to change one’s mood, tantalise the libido, inflame the soul and awaken the mind’s eye.
Wouldn’t you like to harness that power? Imagine being able to not only alter your own mood, but the mood of others as well? To be enable to inspire, revitalise and invigorate, by simply entering a room. To be long remembered, after you leave...

This is the mantra upon which Mood London was formed. Our exotic collection of luxury, oil-based perfumes have been crafted to not only ignite the senses, but to transmute your very mood, itself.
Designed for a modern, fast-paced lifestyle, whether that’s late night meet-ups or intercity travelling, our miniaturised, carry-size bottles will ensure you exude mood throughout the day. And thanks to a base ingredient of high grade, fractionated coconut oil, our perfumes provide a natural, moisturising effect to the skin, too.
Discover our latest collection of luxury perfumes now, or why not invest in our monthly subscription offer; a new bottle shipped to your door every month for a discounted price of £14.99, ensuring you’re always… in the mood.
Be distinct. Be unforgettable.